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reactors for energy. rouhani hopes to strike a compromise that could end sanctions that hurt iran's economy. but conservatives in his government say the u.s. and its allies cannot be trusted. tina, cbs news. >> the 1979 takeover triggered a hostage crisis with 52 u.s. diplomats held for 444 days and the ties between iran and the u.s. have been severed ever since. >>> pretty chaotic scene inside an egyptian courtroom today as mohammad morsi had a brief hearing. >> half of the room exploded in cheers. they were chanting, down with the military. and the other half of the room, including some egyptian journalists were shouting, execution, execution. >> that was cbs's clarissa ward who said the whole thing felt like a circus. security forces are on high alert. we don't see the same kind of violence creeping up that we saw last summer. >> well, the washington redskins are preparing for the minnesota vikings following yesterday's thrilling overtime victory. the third rushing of the game sealed the victory at fedex field. that followed a brilliant goal line in washington stopped the san diego
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1